Food for Thought: Choosing the Right Wedding Menu

Food for Thought: Choosing the Right Wedding Menu

3 March, 2014 - 5:50 pm

If you are planning a wedding, one of the first tasks that you need to take care of is the caterer! Whilst the dress, décor theme, reception venue and DJ are all important features to book, arranging the food for your big day is also essential!

What makes feeding any large body of people difficult in this day and age is the prevalence of restricted diets as more and more people come to understand their intolerances to certain foodstuffs. As a result, it can be a incredibly difficult for caterers to come up with a menu that will see everyone fed to their own satisfaction and according to their dietary needs and preferences, however there are many different options when it comes to the type of menu available;

Very Formal Occasions

If you are determined to do the very best for your guests, you can arrange a formal sit-down dinner or banquet with waiter service. This is likely to offer a choice of three or four meal options, over several courses, ensuring that your guests are comfortably full afterwards! This type of meal tends to be the most expensive, but getting married is a special occasion and is well worth investing in. Most banquets will offer a reasonable range, including one or two vegetarian or vegan choices as standard.

Family Friendly Occasions

Much more informal, with greater freedom for your guests to pick and choose the foods that they like and can eat, a buffet is one of the great traditional wedding meals. An immense display of food will tempt your guests into prowling along the tables, helping themselves and chatting to the other guests as they go, which makes buffets a great way to break the ice and get relative strangers chatting comfortably. Most of these foods will be easily eaten with the fingers, such as canapés, sausage rolls and those teeny-tiny sandwiches that only seem to be made for weddings!

Outdoor Occasions

If you are somewhat put off by the idea of a large formal dinner and being trapped inside a room for hours on end, why not opt for an outdoor occasion in summer which will allow you to host a noisy, friendly and joyful barbecue? Food always seems to taste better when eaten outdoors on a beautiful day and combining this wonderful occasion with a wedding will only serve to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the day!

At Cater Hire (Ipswich) Ltd, we aim to give each of our guests complete satisfaction on their wedding day. Our professional team has the industry knowledge and culinary skill to provide the perfect repast for any occasion. No matter which of these meals appeals to you, give us a call today to discuss your dream wedding feast!

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